Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Song-Poem Christmas

     Now for Christmas-related song-poems - records that were made by answering ads in the backs of magazines saying to send in your lyrics. For a fee, their singers - and sometimes musicians - would record a song using the words you sent in, and send a record to you with the song. (I say "and sometimes musicians" because there were a few outfits that used the same few pre-recorded backing tracks and a singer would sing the words along with one of the tracks.)

     Here's an entire album from song-poem factory MSR Records. One of the songs has been posted and written about online, but here's the entire album. All 16 songs.

MSR "1975 Christmas Album"
The songs were performed by a "group" called "The Sisterhood" - which in this album sound to me like a triple- or quadruple-tracked Bobbi Blake.
"Love Was Born to Guide Us" Download, 4MB
"Jesus, Our Best Friend" Download, 2MB
"Put Melody Back in Music" Download, 1MB
"Old Papa Mouse" Download, 2MB
The lyrics for this one were written by Margaret Flenory, who later sent in the words to Bobbi Blake's "I Got a Record".
"My Dear Ones" Download, 2MB
"Be True" Download, 2MB
Thomas Guygax sent in unusual lyrics for the MSR folks to tackle in various songs. He wrote the words to not one, but two songs on this album, the last 2 songs of side 1.
"Right For" Download, 2MB
The one that's not talked about much.
"During Evening" Download, 1MB
"A Happy Day" Download, 2MB
Side 2 begins with a mod reworking of the gospel song "Oh, Happy Day".
"Tears" Download, 2MB
"With Holy Spirit The Child is Born" Download, 2MB

"Those Elves Have Got to Go" Download, 2MB
The Sisterhood take the role of Mrs. Claus here.
"Sixteen Years Together" Download, 2MB
"The Christmas Wish" Download, 2MB
"The Commandment" Download, 2MB
"With Love with Grace" Download, 3MB
Here in chronological order are other song-poems I either have, or that I used to have and I have mp3's of.
"To the Red Stocking Set" - Dick Kent Download, 1MB
"A Christmas Rose" - Dick Kent Download, 1MB
"Our Big Apple Christmas" - Bobbi Blake
The next 3 songs are from a Hollywood Sessions album. The singer known by most song-poem fans as Dick Kent performs under the name Buddy Raye.
"Snowflakes are Falling" Download, 2MB
"Lady Snow" Download, 2MB
"The Family Circle" Download, 2MB
     This will be my last post here until after Christmas. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

WTOP AM Log Reel - December 23-25, 1975

     First of all, a BIG thank you to E-Bay seller "ram484" for digging this up for me when I ordered this from him. You might as well not bother the guy with "Do you have any Christmas tapes?", because I did that already - and this is the result.

     Here's a complete radio log reel from WTOP AM radio (now WFED) in Washington, DC, going from about 2:30 PM on December 23, 1975, to about 11:56 PM on Christmas night.
     The station has a news format, but also carried other CBS programming - including "The CBS Radio Mystery Theater" every night after the CBS news at 11:00 PM. It also carried Washington pro sports teams, including Washington Bullets basketball. During this time, the station signed on and off, with the broadcast day usually going from a little before 5AM until a little after 1AM.
     This is a 7-in. reel with 3600 feet of tape, recorded at 15/16 IPS. It was recorded in the order of: left channel sides 1 & 2, right channel sides 1 & 2. As you can tell, recording in this way made for a lot of material on the tape.
Listed start and end times are approximate.
Left channel, side 1
Dec. 23, 2:30 PM to signoff Download, 215 MB
The Washington Bullets face the Detroit Pistons starting at 7:23 PM. The recording cuts off during the national anthem at signoff.

Dec. 24, 5:03 to 6:56 AM Download, 39 MB
It's Christmas Eve!
The recording starts with the 5 AM CBS newscast in progress and goes until the end of this side of the reel.
Left channel, side 2
Dec. 24, 6:56 AM to 7:20 PM Download, 254 MB
Right channel, side 1
Dec. 24, 7:20 PM to signoff Download, 116 MB
The "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" rendition of "A Christmas Carol" premiered on this night, to be rerun every Christmastime until the show ended.
After the show, it's midnight - and Christmas begins!

Christmas, Signon to 11:33 AM Download, 136 MB
The Christmas broadcast day begins with an ID, followed by 2 minutes of silence, and then - signon!

Right channel, side 2
Christmas, 11:33 AM to 11:56 PM Download, 254 MB
Due to what I guess was a dirty tape head on the station's recorder, the audio starts getting "squeaky" about 2 minutes into this side, which starts clearing up about 50 minutes into the side.
The Washington Bullets play again, this time against the Atlanta Hawks, with the broadcast starting at 7:54. Then there's a Christmas episode of "The CBS Radio Mystery Theater". The tape ends during the preview of the next episode.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

70's & 80's Christmas Kiddie Albums

     This post will have kiddie albums of the 70's and 80's with a Christmas theme.

"Popeye and Friends", 1977
This album has 2 Christmas stories on each side.
Christmas Pie Download, 7MB
Pearlburgers Download, 8MB
Deck the Halls Download, 8MB
A Scrooge parody
Santa Popeye Download, 8MB

"The Pac-Man Christmas Album", 1982
Download, 17MB
Then the arcades opened back up the next day and - well...

"A Care Bears Christmas", 1983
Download, 16MB

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tri-Cities Area Christmas Stuff

     Most of the audios I have for Christmas Stuff have to do with radio - clips, commercials, and programming.
     The audios in this post are for the Tri-Cities area of southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee. The Tri-Cities are Bristol Va. / Tenn. and Kingsport and Johnson City, Tenn., but surrounding cities and towns are also part of what is called the Tri-Cities area.
Sears catalog commercial, 1972 Download, 675KB
This is a regional commercial for the Tri-Cities Sears stores. The announcer is baseball announcer Milo Hamilton.

Sears - Lucky 13 Sale Download, 703KB
From the same reel as the 1972 Sears catalog commercial, here's a commercial for a sale happening on January 13, 1973, where you could save on things for next Christmas.

Hills Department Store, 1974 Download, 3MB
5 commercials taken from 2 different reels.

WBEJ Commercials, 1977 Download, 985KB
Commercials that aired on WBEJ radio in Elizabethton, Tenn.

WKYE Commercials, 1978 Download, 5MB
These are from a reel of commercials on WKYE, Bristol in October, 1978 (There was a Friday the 13th that month, which is why that keeps getting mentioned). I picked out commercials that mention Christmas, winter, and/or cold weather. For those of us that live in the Bristol, Tenn./Va. area, they give a picture of how the Bristol Mall used to be. 

"Contemporary Bristol"
Shortly after WKYE became a gospel station in 1980, the station began a public-affairs program called "Contemporary Bristol". There was a lot of hum in the reel player I dubbed them from, so I filtered it out of these files. These are Christmas-related interviews from the program from Nov.-Dec., 1980.
Mary Harmon Download, 5MB
 Mary gives some commentary about Christmas.

Mary Harmon II Download, 3MB
Mary returned in this interview to discuss other activities she was involved in. 
Claude Honaker Download, 3MB
 The then - Bristol, Va. fire chief discussed Christmas tree safety among other things.

O. J. Rankin Download, 4MB
This gospel missionary discussed his Christmas fund drive.

Parks-Belk - Belk Days Sale, 1983 Download, 1MB
Here are all 3 commercials from a 5-in. commercial reel. These ads aired on different stations in the Tri-City area. I put this here because of the mentions of winter clothes and blankets. 

Misty's commercial blooper, 1987 Download, 466KB
In 1981, WKYE changed call letters to WBCV, for "Bristol's Christian Voice".
From 1986-2005, my dad, Cecil Reed, was sales manager and morning DJ there.
My dad and my brother Joe attempt this commercial. Dad shows amazing voice-carrying ability with that car!

WBCV Christmas greeting, 1989 Download, 689KB
Joe turned 15 and became a WBCV DJ that year. Here he is, doing one of the Christmas greeting commercials DJ's were called on to do during Christmastime.

Joseph Reed has grown up to be a talented singer, musician and songwriter, and has released a few CD's. See his website at

WOPI, Bristol - Clips from "The Twin-City Jamboree", 1990 Download, 6MB
When WOPI became a country station in 1990, they experimented with interesting things for programming. One of them was "The Twin-City Jamboree", broadcast live Friday nights on the mural stage in downtown Bristol - unless it was deemed too cold to perform out there, then they went to the Slater Center in Bristol. The show didn't last long. Here are a couple of clips from the show.
Village Discount Center Download, 652KB
Here's a commercial my dad did at WBCV, I think in the 90's.

WOPI, Bristol, TN - Ray & Randy, December 21, 2002 Download, 13MB
 At this time, the Saturday afternoon host on WOPI was Ray Hutchins, a Tri-Cities country DJ legend. Randy Henley joined him from 12:30-1:30. I taped them talking between songs on the Saturday before Christmas in 2002.

     There you have it - the first post of the "Christmas Stuff" blog with audios. There'll be more where this came from, so keep checking back!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Welcome to "Christmas Stuff"

     I'm Sammy Reed, and welcome to my new "Christmas Stuff" blog. This will take the place of the "Christmas Stuff" section of the website I used to have. I know it's mighty close to Christmas when I'm starting this, but there's been other stuff in the way that held me off until now.
     In the next few days, I hope to put up some posts with audios I had on my website. All those audios most-likely won't be back before Christmas, but I'll put up some interesting stuff in the next week, so watch for it.
     Thanks very much for your interest in "Christmas Stuff" in the ol' website era, and for your continued interest in the "Christmas Stuff" blog!