Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Song-Poem Christmas

     Now for Christmas-related song-poems - records that were made by answering ads in the backs of magazines saying to send in your lyrics. For a fee, their singers - and sometimes musicians - would record a song using the words you sent in, and send a record to you with the song. (I say "and sometimes musicians" because there were a few outfits that used the same few pre-recorded backing tracks and a singer would sing the words along with one of the tracks.)

     Here's an entire album from song-poem factory MSR Records. One of the songs has been posted and written about online, but here's the entire album. All 16 songs.

MSR "1975 Christmas Album"
The songs were performed by a "group" called "The Sisterhood" - which in this album sound to me like a triple- or quadruple-tracked Bobbi Blake.
"Love Was Born to Guide Us" Download, 4MB
"Jesus, Our Best Friend" Download, 2MB
"Put Melody Back in Music" Download, 1MB
"Old Papa Mouse" Download, 2MB
The lyrics for this one were written by Margaret Flenory, who later sent in the words to Bobbi Blake's "I Got a Record".
"My Dear Ones" Download, 2MB
"Be True" Download, 2MB
Thomas Guygax sent in unusual lyrics for the MSR folks to tackle in various songs. He wrote the words to not one, but two songs on this album, the last 2 songs of side 1.
"Right For" Download, 2MB
The one that's not talked about much.
"During Evening" Download, 1MB
"A Happy Day" Download, 2MB
Side 2 begins with a mod reworking of the gospel song "Oh, Happy Day".
"Tears" Download, 2MB
"With Holy Spirit The Child is Born" Download, 2MB

"Those Elves Have Got to Go" Download, 2MB
The Sisterhood take the role of Mrs. Claus here.
"Sixteen Years Together" Download, 2MB
"The Christmas Wish" Download, 2MB
"The Commandment" Download, 2MB
"With Love with Grace" Download, 3MB
Here in chronological order are other song-poems I either have, or that I used to have and I have mp3's of.
"To the Red Stocking Set" - Dick Kent Download, 1MB
"A Christmas Rose" - Dick Kent Download, 1MB
"Our Big Apple Christmas" - Bobbi Blake
The next 3 songs are from a Hollywood Sessions album. The singer known by most song-poem fans as Dick Kent performs under the name Buddy Raye.
"Snowflakes are Falling" Download, 2MB
"Lady Snow" Download, 2MB
"The Family Circle" Download, 2MB
     This will be my last post here until after Christmas. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. I just noticed this blog. Thanks for posting all this stuff! I cherrypicked some stuff.

  2. Great site. I love this music! Violet